Francesca Rausi, a Maltese model with Down Syndrome, wins her first modelling competition

The Miss Junior Christmas competition went down over the weekend and Francesca Rausi stole the show (even though we had no doubt she would!)

She went home with the title of Miss Junior Christmas, making her parents, and everyone else watching, super proud.

Merely a few days ago, we heard of Francesca making it to a UK news portal, where they wrote:

This four-year-old girl is fast becoming a catwalk star. Francesca Rausi, 4, who has Down’s syndrome, looked in her element as she walked the runway during a fashion show for disabled models in Malta.

Well, Metro had it spot on, as merely a few days after, Francesca won her first modelling competition.

Her mother, Michelle Rausi, shares with Bay:

“From the morning she was telling me let’s go model and when I see her on the catwalk, with that confidence and so happy, I feel so proud. When Ivan called her name as the winner of her category, that had to be the cherry on the cake. She was so happy!

I can’t explain the satisfaction t get when I see her achieving so much and breaking barriers

She is breaking barriers for other children like her.”

Francesca, we hope you keep snatching those trophies, and we can’t wait to hear about your next achievement.

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