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Fr. David Muscat Says Demonic Posession Is Worse Than Being Gay


The controversial Mosta priest Fr David Muscat has certainly crossed the line with his homophobic comment on Facebook regarding the alleged aggressor, Abner Aquilina. The priest said that people who are LGBTQIA+ is worse than satanic possession.


The comment by Fr. David Muscat


Minister Owen Bonnici stated that “A line has been crossed, and I ask the authorities to take the necessary decisions, because one cannot make remarks which incite hatred or negative sentiment against a section of society,” on One TV’s Piazza programme. Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli said “I can never accept that anyone is insulted because of their sexuality” on Facebook.



The Malta Gay Rights Movement (MGRM) have been emailing the Police Commissioner as well as the Archbishop but never got a reply. MGRM stated “This is the first time we write publicly about it because now, all red lines have been crossed,”.


Archbishop apologises for Fr David Muscat’s comment and will take action. This is not the first time that Muscat caused a scene, for example back in May he agreed that he masturbated and swore which means that he went against the commandments. Fr David Muscat has also delivered a speech to Norman Lowell during his birthday celebration. “Who is speaking about the Maltese becoming foreigners in their own country? No-one. Because everyone wants the foreigner, for money,” and “fact that Maltese people are now foreigners in their country” Muscat said.



Actions must be taken if the Archbishop expects the Maltese to take the Church seriously, if not the numbers of people going to church will continue to decrease.


What do you think of this statement made by such a priest?