Fr David Muscat Pleads Not Guilty To Hate Speech Accusations


Fr David Muscat had a sitting in court regarding hate speech he posted on Facebook.


The priest pled not guilty to these accusations before the magistrate. However, he still faced charges over hateful comments against gay people he had posted on Facebook. One of these comments also mentioned Abner Aquilina saying that being gay was much worse than being possessed.


Archbishop Charles Scicluna warned the priest to stop making such comments if he wanted to continue exercising his ministry.


Vlog minn Fr. David Muscat fejn jitkellem dwar il-miżuri tal-Covid19 fi żmien il-Ġimgħa Mqaddsa –


Fr David Muscat, represented by lawyers Maria Mula and Christopher Attard pled not guilty to the responsibility of these hateful posts. The inspector also said that there was no more evidence for the prosecution.


Fr David’s lawyers informed the magistrate of two witnesses ready to testify to provide more information on the comments. However, the magistrate considered this unnecessary and not relevant for this case.


This case is set to continue on the 4th of March.