Four Charged With Urging Man To Jump Off Bastions

Four people were charged in court for urging a man to jump off the Valletta Bastions late last year.

These people were filmed shouting at the man who was contemplating suicide to “get it over and done with.” The video showing this was originally posted by the Times of Malta back in November. Police officials and first responders were on site when this incident happened, trying to convince the man to step back from the edge.
Police to investigate amid anger over taunts for man to 'jump' off bastionPhoto: Times of Malta
While many witnesses of the incident showed sympathy for the man, the 4 persons that were charged were among the few that yelled at him and even hurled insults, showing no sympathy whatsoever. The update on the case was revealed by Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri after he was questioned by MP Jason Azzopardi.

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