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Former President of Malta gets a new job in Brussels

Malta‘s former president has taken up a new job in Brussels.

Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca has been elected president of Eurochild, a children’s rights network working in 34 countries.

She said: ‘During my time both as Minister for the Family and as President of Malta, child participation was always at the centre of my endeavours.

‘I’d like to use my time as president of this prestigious organisation to establish child participation as common practice across Europe, and to lead the way globally.

‘I also intend to help Eurochild strengthen its ties with international organisations and the Council of Europe.’

Eurochild is an advocacy network of organisations working for children across Europe. It wants to see an end to child poverty and an end to institutional care for all children in Europe.

Eurochild secretary general Jana Hainsworth said: ‘We are honoured to have leadership of such a committed champion of children’s rights.

‘Her Excellency’s vision of children’s rights and insight into the political world will open many doors for Eurochild and enable the network to sail smoothly amidst the upcoming changes in the European institutions and beyond.’