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For the 7th Consecutive Day Malta Registers More COVID-19 Recoveries than New Cases


For the 7th Consecutive Day, Malta has registered a higher amount of COVID-19 Recoveries, when compared to newly-registered cases. In fact, according to today’s medical update issued by the Health Ministry, 87 people have recovered after 2,194 tests which were carried out, while 21 new cases were registered.



This comes after the following were registered in the past days:

30th August – 69 Recoveries, 15 New Cases

29th August – 58 Recoveries, 27 New Cases

28th August – 65 Recoveries, 32 New Cases

27th August – 44 Recoveries, 37 New Cases

26th August – 48 Recoveries, 46 New Cases

25th August – 52 Recoveries, 38 New Cases



A look as the numbers as they stand today:

Total Cases from 7th March: 1,883

(of which) 1,400 have recovered, 471 remain active, and unfortunately, 12 have passed away.


No description available.



Irrespective of these figures, we all have a part to play in ensuring that we maintain social distance, follow all the regulations, wear masks, and take care of our personal hygiene!