Football player secretly sneaks into game to help team gain advantage during match in Malta

In a football match between Xewkija Tigers F.C and Pieta Hotspurs F.C, that went down on Saturday 25th January, one team tried to gain a competitive advantage on the game by secretly sneaking in a player to join them during the match.

Xewkija Tigers had one player kicked out of their team during the game. As the end of the game was near, an argument broke out near the benches, diverting the official’s attention.

It was at this point that Manuel Scerri, amidst the ongoing confusion,  secretly sneaked into the game to help Xewkija finish the game in a draw.

The match still ended with a score of 2-1 in Pieta’s favour … but it was definitely not from lack of trying on Xewkija’s side…

I don’t know what’s more hilarious … the fact that they actually sneaked in a player, or the fact that the official didn’t even figure it out.

Only in Malta.

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