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FoodTikToker Fined €17K For Cooking & Eating Shark

A Chinese food blogger has been heavily fined for cooking and eating a great white shark for a video.



Jin, also known by the alias Tizi, is particularly known for her weird Mukbang videos


She violated Chinese wildlife conservation rules when she acquired and ate the animal in April 2022


The shark mukbang became viral in China, after she received a lot of criticism for her unusual choice of food.


The same influencer has also uploaded videos of herself eating other exotic creatures such as crocodiles and ostriches.


Jin stated that the animal was a hooktooth shark that was ‘raised in captivity’ and is ‘edible’.


The shark was purchased on Alibaba’s Taobao retail portal for 7,700 yuan ($1,141).


She then posted recordings on Doutin and another video-sharing network, Kuaishou.



Jin can be seen acquiring the two-metre-long shark from a seafood shop in Nanchong before unwrapping it in the video, which has since been removed.


After the video was posted, authorities fined the blogger the equivalent of $17,000 USD.


Two other persons were detained in connection with the shark’s capture and sale, with authorities commenting on how Great white sharks are becoming a threatened species and have a high risk of becoming extinct in the wild.