Flamingo Pays Swimmers of Ghadira and Birzebbugia A Surprise Visit

One flamingo dropped by at Ghadira and Birzebbugia, Thursday afternoon, paying swimmers in the area a surprise visit.

To be honest, it is not clear whether it was the same bird who flew to both beach spots, but the flamingo felt confident enough to swim very close to bathers nearby.

BirdLife Malta said the bird reported in Birzebbuġa later flew towards Marsaxlokk.

Flamingos were also spotted in Maltese beaches this time last year, with crowds of sea-goers gathering around to grab the perfect photo.

Four things to do if you spot a flamingo

1. If it is close to a road, stand in its way to stop it from moving forward

2. Call BirdLife Malta’s emergency number 2134 7646

3. Do not touch it – flamingo necks and legs are very delicate

4. Do not give it food or water – their digestive tract is very delicate

Photo credits to Times Of Malta