Flamingo makes a surprise landing on Maltese beach

malta flamingo

Swimmers at Malta’s most popular beach have been treated to a surprise visit from a pretty flamingo.

It landed in the middle of Mellieha Bay on Tuesday morning and soon attracted a crowd who gathered around the bird.

Volunteers from the Ghadira Nature Reserve quickly arrived on the scene and rescued the adorable flamingo.

BirdLife Malta said it would be checked over to make sure it’s in good health before it’s released back into the wild and continues its journey north.

It’s not the first time a Greater Flamingo has landed at Mellieha Bay.

In September 2017, a flamingo crashed landed on the beach before being rescued by Birdlife Malta.

A record number of 14 flamingos visited the Ghadira Nature Reserve last summer.

Birdlife Malta chief executive Mark Sultana told 89.7 Bay: ‘Flamingos are migrating at this time of the year in flocks mixed between adults and juveniles.

‘Juveniles tend to fall behind exhausted and lost.

‘If anyone sees a flamingo which is on its own, please call us for assistance.’

Four things to do if you spot a flamingo

1. If it is close to a road, stand in its way to stop it from moving forward

2. Call BirdLife Malta’s emergency number 2134 7646

3. Do not touch it – flamingo necks and legs are very delicate

4. Do not give it food or water – their digestive tract is very delicate

Watch the video here:

Jitfaċċa fjamingu fil-Bajja tal-Għadira. ?L-awtoritajiet konċernati ħadu ħsieb biex ikun żgurat li jinsab f'saħħtu qabel jinħeles mill-ġdid.Unexpected visitor at Għadira Bay this morning. ?The relevant authorities took the necessary precautions to ensure that the flamingo is in a healthy condition.

Publiée par Gabriel Micallef sur Mardi 20 août 2019

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