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Five Struggles of Not Driving in Malta


There’s no question that Maltese roads are not the best. Well, it is what it is. And while everyone has their struggles and ups and downs, I can assure you that those of us without a driver’s license have it worse than you – and that’s a fact.

So from one non-driver to another; here are 5 struggles that you are sure to relate to.



1. Planning Your Journeys

Yes, those of us who catch the bus need to plan ahead – even if we’re simply going to a lecture. So let’s say the lecture is at 8; wake up at 5 to get ready, leave the house at 6, arrive at the stop by 6:10, the bus arrives at 6:30 should arrive by 7:30 with half an hour to spare. Right? WRONG. Then there’s traffic, bus malfunctions probably and possibly an earthquake along the way too.


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2. Preparing for the Worst

Even if you plan your trip very well, you have to be prepared for everything – and I mean EVERYTHING. From my experience of having to catch the bus every. single. day. I have come across unexpected road closures, clueless drivers, people who spend at least 15 minutes trying to find their tallinja card and many, many more.


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3. Invisible Buses

Anyone with the tallinja app can relate to this. You know when you’re really in a hurry and you simply can’t arrive late so you bust out your trusty ‘tallinja app’ to make sure the bus is approaching?



Then you look at the minutes decreasing with peace of mind knowing that you’re going to leave soon and all will be fine. Only then will the bus *disappear* off the app with no explanation whatsoever. Is it arriving now? Is it not coming at all? We’ll never know.


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4. Constantly Being Broke

Unless you’re rich enough to have your own personal chauffeur or very patient parents, chances are that you’ve probably resorted to other options rather than the bus. Catching a taxi once in a while won’t do any harm but once you get used to the comfort of arriving at your destination in less than an hour you are hooked. You’ve probably tried e-cabs, Bolt, Cool, and all the apps you could find – that is until your stipend runs out and you have to resort to the bus once again. *sigh*


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5. Being a pain in the a**

Thank God for our friends being able to drive, who knows how much money we owe them in lifts and car rides. We would drive you places if we could, but for now we can only thank you with words, we’re kind of broke to pay you back.



Also, God only knows how many times we’ve lied to our friends when we were meeting up; “Daqt nasal!” When you’re really on the bus stuck in traffic at exactly the same spot where you were 30 minutes ago.


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Can you also relate to these struggles? Do you have any ‘memorable’ experiences of riding the bus in Malta?