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“First, and Possibly Hardest Day Done and Dusted” – Rafel Sammut


Rafel Sammut, one of the Chefs from Malta, currently cooking meals for all the victims of the Beirut explosions has shared with us what their first day in Lebanon was like. The group of chefs are led by Hany Harb, of Ali Baba Restaurant.

“Thousands of meals done on a 3hr sleep. Getting to bed at 3am last night and up and running at 6:30am this morning. Our new Lebanese colleagues welcomed us with opened arms and spirits were high,” Rafel shared on Facebook.



“We are all in a very safe area of Beirut,” Rafel said, whilst thanking everyone for their messages of support and donations.



Some 300,000 people have been displaced by the blast.

Tomorrow the Chefs from Malta will be hitting the streets after their kitchen shift “to get a real feel of how they have been affected.”



Moreover, Hany Harb and Jean Galea Souchet will be meeting up with a number of NGOs to begin passing on financial support accordingly.

“THANK YOU all for you generosity!,” Rafel concludes.

In reality, it is US who should thank Hany, Rafel and all the team in Lebanon!