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FIFA To Extend World Cup Matches From 90 To 100 Minutes


FIFA are currently working on extending football matches from 90 minutes to 100 minutes. They’re looking into this possibility just ahead of the World Cup which will be held in Qatar next November.


During the past months, FIFA have been facing criticism following decision to make World Cups take place every two instead of four years because this might be too much for countries and fans who travel to watch the games. However, these plans were coming from a place of inclusivity because it would give more countries in the world a chance to qualify.


Maybe soon the football clocks won't stop at 90 minutes. Image: PA Images


FIFA are now at risk of more criticism after starting plans to introduce 100 minute games instead of the usual 90 minute ones. The reason behind this decision is to combat the ball in play times during games. This is because issues surrounding the fact that the ball doesn’t stay in play for long during the matches, kept persisting.


In fact, the CIES Football Observatory stated that the ball is usually in play for only 64.7% of Champions League matches and 62% in the Premier League. This decision would still have to be approved by the International Football Association Board.


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