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Festival Malta Announces Cancellation of the Summer Carnival


Festivals Malta has announced  that the Summer Carnival 2020 is cancelled as the country perseveres to get the coronavirus outbreak contained.

Annabelle Stivala, Director of Festivals Malta said, “We very much hope that the situation will have significantly improved by August. But even if it does, we cannot risk the participants’ well-being over the next few months, during which the summer floats are usually built.” Ms Stivala explained that the social distancing measure does not allow for participants to be in close proximity of each other and therefore the floats will not be ready in time for August’s Summer Carnival.

“During these challenging times, we all need to take all necessary measures to stay safe. We look forward to seeing better days prevail soon so that we can all go back to living life to the fullest and to do what we all love best.”



In the meantime, however, Festivals Malta will continue working closely with Carnival participants. The workshops planned for April, which will focus on how to approach satire and another in traditional Carnival costume design, will still happen and arrangements are being made for these to be accessed online.



“I would like to thank the participants, Għaqda tal-Parteċipanti, the Carnival Committee and the Artistic Director for their commitment and while I appreciate that these are uncertain times that are unsettling for many; I am convinced that we will get through these difficult times. Stay home and stay safe,” added Ms Stivala.


Photo: Jason Borg