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Festas Will Never Be The Same Again – Twanny Tad-Doughnuts Passes Away

As PN MP Karl Gouder put it amazingly on his social media, “Festas are going to be very different without you.”

He was referring to the smiling gentle soul who we all have come across at least once during any Maltese Festa – Twanny tad-Donuts!



Most of us remember Twanny and his machine, which for the first couple of years was a fine example of the latest culinary technology, for doing practically everything on its own, as that smiling man, throwing in that little bit of extra sugar, to a freshly-fried warm donut!


A lovely soul has passed away today. Twannie you are going to be missed. Condolences to all the family especially your lovely wife. Festas are going to be very different without you.

Publiée par Karl Gouder sur Dimanche 13 septembre 2020


All of us at Bay would like to convey our heartfelt condolences to his lovely wife and stall side-kick Grace, and all his family!


Photo: Karl Gouder