Festa Marches Might Be Held This Summer After All


As everyone seemed to accept that the village feasts will only be held in their traditional form, without any traditional marches and public celebrations in the village squares and streets, things might soon start changing. TVM reported that some of the larger and most popular band marches could take place this summer, with the first one being later on this week in Zurrieq, to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

This comes as, over the past days, there seemed to be mounting pressure for things to return to normal even during village feasts. In light of this, the Ghaqda Nazzjonali Kazini tal-Baned held a series of meetings with Police Officials, and it was agreed that band clubs may now apply for the organisation of street band marches.

TVM said that Kalkara was the first to apply, with more band clubs expected to submit their own respective applications. This can easily mean that we can enjoy the classic marches such as the ones in Hamrun and in Zabbar.


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