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Feeling Lonely? This New WhatsApp ChatBot Offers Support & Advice


WhatsApp has just introduced a new chatbot that will provide assistance and advice to those who are lonely, giving a much-needed connection to those in need! Ain’t that cute?



Unfortunately, loneliness is an all-too-common problem, with people feeling lonely for a variety of reasons… Maybe you lost a loved one, or you are going through a breakup. Perhaps you lost a long-time friend or maybe you are even feeling homesick.



Not to mention, it is also no shocker that the pandemic has left many of us feeling lonelier than ever. While alone time is great, loneliness puts a lot of distress on us. Some may control the sense of loneliness when alone, but that doesn’t mean it is easy for everyone. According to recent UK government statistics, more people of all ages, including 40% of 16 to 24-year-olds and 45% of those over 60, are suffering feelings of loneliness.



WhatsApp has teamed up with the Connection Coalition of charities and the Jo Fox Foundation in order to establish a new Loneliness Advice messaging service. Introduced on June 17th, those suffering from loneliness can make use of this new messaging chatbot to access private and secure services. This will allow users to obtain guidance, information, and assistance from trustworthy organisations!


Users only need to add 07902 922 908 to their WhatsApp contacts before sending a hello message.


The Marmalade Trust, Age UK, The Mix, the Campaign to End Loneliness, The British Red Cross, and the #LetsTalkLoneliness campaign are all possible organisations that can help the user through this innovative system.


You can check out the chatbot here!