Feel Like Some Nostalgia on Your Playlist? Here are Our Favourite 2000s Throwback Tunes!


There are certain songs that have such an effect on us that as soon as we press play, an array of emotions and memories of previous days come rushing back to us.

If you’re a Millennial or Gen-Z kid, you definitely might want to take note of the following tracks which will take you right back to those beautiful pre-teen/teen days!



Bad Day | Daniel Powter

The meaning behind the song might not be the most cheerful, but one listen to this song will certainly lift your mood. I can specifically remember days where this song would pop up on MTV and I would sing along to it at the top of my lungs.



But the versatility of this song is so CLEAR that there were definitely days when my angsty pre-teen self would stare outside the car window and mouth along with the words as raindrops rolled down. So, let’s just say this song can elicit all sorts of feelings.



Wild Ones | Florida and Sia

I would not believe you if you said you never tried to rap Florida’s solo at his speed (but failed, of course). The opening notes of this song easily take you back to those long-winded days at the beach or to partying with your friends way back in the summer of 2012.



Even if you don’t remember all the lyrics, I can guarantee that the catchy fast-paced tempo is still etched in your mind after all these years.



Dragostea Din Tei | O-Zone

Or as well as all like to call it ‘Aw! Dik li tibda bil-Maya Hi Maya Hoo’ or ‘Numa Numa’. This song brings back very vivid memories of the many (many) attempts at trying to get the lyrics right (which all resulted in constant failure, obviously).



A mix of several Maltese and English words were thrown around in a bid to look like we knew what we were all singing along to. Everyone’s lack of knowledge in Romanian, however, was never an obstacle because the up-beat tempo of the track always managed to prevail above any language barrier!



Can I Have This Dance | High School Musical (Don’t Judge Me OK!)

You know I couldn’t make a throwback songs article without mentioning a song from the movie which practically shaped so many of us (and let’s be honest, also raised our standards exceptionally high for a romance like Troy and Gabriella’s. Dancing in the rain included, obvs.)



This song gives us all the feels, all thanks to the image of Troy and Gabriella singing and dancing in sync in the rain and the gorgeous harmonies between the pair. In conclusion, you can’t listen to this song and not have all those pre-teen memories rush back to you!



Behind These Hazel Eyes | Kelly Clarkson

This rock ballad (with stunning vocals, might I add) definitely made us all feel like we were the ones being cheated on by our fiancé on our wedding day (with our best friend. Yikes.) Though the name of the song might not automatically ring a bell, the very catchy chorus will certainly remind you of this track’s iconic nature way back in 2004.



The music video also certainly adds to the nostalgia, since we all know we’ve tried to replicate the dramatic passion elicited by Clarkson all throughout the song. A fact not many people know is that Dan Levy, widely known as ‘David Rose’ and the creator of Schitt’s Creek, kickstarted his acting career through a riveting, albeit blurry, cameo in this very music video!



Party in the USA | Miley Cyrus

You’d be lying if you said you never bopped along to this timeless tune or, more specifically, pretended to be Miley Cyrus and used a broomstick instead of a microphone to allude to the song’s music video (definitely been there a few times myself).



The constant upbeat tempo carrying all throughout the song makes it very easy to nod your head (like yeah) and move your hips (like yeah). And the very high notes all throughout it also make for a very entertaining performance whenever anyone, who isn’t Miley, tries to sing it.



Super Bass | Nicki Minaj

And who can ever forget the daily secondary school rap battles we all used to have to see who would be able to get the lyrics perfectly??? (of course, all the while making sure to sing “heck” instead of “hell” because God knows what would happen if a teacher happened to pass by and overhear us swear).



Even ten years later, I still crack my knuckles in preparation for the rap every single time I hear the opening notes of the song. The timelessness of this rap bop will surely remain for years to come (and when we all eventually start showcasing to our kids what music we used to religiously listen to as teens. Yikes.)



Dumb Love | Sean Kingston

If you watched ‘Suite Life of Deck’, this song will surely bring back memories of that one time Sean Kingston randomly guest starred and also made a musical appearance in the same episode.



Though ‘Beautiful Girls’ is probably Kingston’s most famous and recognizable track, this is one of those songs which you might have forgotten about but one listen will surely refresh your memory.



Lola’s Theme | The Shapeshifters

Though many of us don’t know the lyrics of this song, we sure are very familiar with the opening melody which carries all throughout and gives the track its noticeably upbeat bass timbre. The name might not be familiar due to the fact that nowhere in the lyrics is there ever a mention of Lola…or her theme, so you probably remember its melody, more than anything.



Despite the fact that this song was released in 2004, I can guarantee that its up-tempo beat will allow it to fit perfectly in the current music scene – the 90s vibe it exudes is something which constantly finds its way into current tracks, so who knows whether we’ll hear a Lola’s Theme remake anytime soon?



Photograph | Nickelback

Despite the fact that Nickelback provide us with a seemingly slow rock vibe, it doesn’t mean you can’t still rock out to their always catchy choruses. Though I was slightly torn between choosing ‘If Today Was Your Last Day’, ‘Far Away’ and this, I decided on this due to it being somewhat more known amongst the general population.



It easily reminds us of all the cherished memories we find in photos kept away in our storage room, some of which we eventually have to let go as we say “goodbye” to them. If you remember the app ‘Vine’ (I will probably never be over the loss of it way back in 2016), you might recognize the use of this same track in one of the most infamous Vine memes ever created, which shows the lead singer of the band holding up a graph and bluntly saying “Look at this graph”.

I sincerely hope revisiting these iconic Retro 2000s tracks instilled in you the wish to listen to even more throwback songs and relive your younger years (as much as it did in me!).

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