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Feds Sits Down With Jake On Malta’s Top 10 To Talk About Her Latest Single & EP


Meet Feds, aka Federica Giallombardo – a local singer who actually studied music and singing abroad! Feds sat down with Jake on Malta’s Top 10 to discuss her latest track, her interests in local collabs, and her future plans from here on out…



Talking about her latest single Stay Cool, Feds remarked that upon writing it, she was scrolling through Instagram and reasoned that, since she’s ‘a very awkward person’, she could never be as effortless as the people on socials. So, Stay Cool came about!



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This led Jake to the big question – who does Feds want to collab with locally? Well, although she’s loving working with INSYNK collective, Feds revealed that she thinks Luke Chappell is ‘one of the best songwriters we have at the moment so I’d love to see what we can come up with together’.



The singer also remarked that she has an urge to ‘try something a bit more rock-y’, but emphasised that she’d do so within a live environment.



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Speaking about local competitions such as Malta’s Got Talent & the X-Factor, Feds said that she believes ‘they’re a great platform to get people to hear your music or to know who you are’. She went on to explain how, since she struggles ‘to prove’ herself to be Maltese, local competitions ‘would work wonders’ and ‘would be ideal’. So… who knows? We might just be seeing Feds take over a new stage soon…



In the meantime, though, Feds is set to release the rest of her EP – a total of 3 songs – in about two months.