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Father Christmas swims with sharks at Malta aquarium

If delivering presents to the world’s two billion children wasn’t enough, Santa Claus has had to contend with a new challenge – feeding sharks in Malta.

Even without the use of a chimney, Santa popped into a huge fish tank at the Malta National Aquarium in Qawra to hand out treats to sharks and fish – but only those who had been well behaved throughout the year.

Santa’s ‘Ho, ho, ho’ came out in bubble form through his breathing apparatus, which he wore over his usual red suit.

He even had time to stop and stroke the tummy of a zebra shark who was clearly on his best behaviour.

Father Christmas didn’t hand out any presents though – the aquarium fish will just have to wait until Christmas Day like everyone else.

The video, below, was soon melting hearts all over the world after being broadcast on television by ABC News in the United States as well as EuroNews in Europe.

Look who's got in our tanks again ???

Publiée par Malta National Aquarium sur Mercredi 12 décembre 2018