Farting Could Increase The Spread Of COVID-19


If you thought farting in a closed room was a horrible thing to do because of smell, a number of UK Government ministers have suggested that infected people could even spread the Covid Virus through their flatulence. Pretty interesting, right?


How many times should you fart in a day? | Metro News


Although there is no hard and fast proof that your farts can be considered virus-spreading canons, there are studies that have led the ministers to this conclusion. I’ve got to warn you, they’re rather loose conclusions, but an interesting topic to write about nonetheless!



For instance, scientists have found traces of the virus in faecal matter (you know, when you ‘make a deposit’), which have led to these ministers’ concerns over bottom burps having the same content. Of course, there are no definitive studies that support farts having this effect in the slightest.


UK ministers claim to have seen 'evidence' farting can transmit Covid-19


Don’t take it from me, take it from the professionals! Dr William Schaffner, who is the current medical director of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases as well as being an infectious diseases professor at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, simply concludes that this happening is “very unlikely”. But don’t let your overly-comfortable friends know!



As a minister commented to the Telegraph, they read “credible-looking stuff on it”. Although, I suspect this ‘stuff’ could have easily been an anti-fart conspiracy theorist’s paper that they came across and thought seemed legit.


I must admit, it’s got me thinking. Imagine avoiding all social gatherings, self-isolating, and wearing a mask at all times, and all it takes is someone cutting the cheese in a lift to transmit the virus? I see two benefits to this conclusion: 1) Everyone will start taking the stairs and 2) maybe your ‘hilarious’ work and flatmates might start keeping their gasses to themselves!


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