Fans React To Taylor Swift Allegedly Teasing The Re-Recorded Release Of ‘1989’


Okay, if there’s anything Twitter is good for – it’s zooming in to every tiny detail and making up conspiracy theories, but this one’s trending for a reason… Taylor Swift recently dropped by the Late Show for a fun chat with host Stephen Colbert, most of which centered on the origins of her Fearless song Hey Stephen



Sounds fairly normal so far, right? But apparently, there was something crucial most of us missed, as fans speculated that there were tips about the release of another re-recorded album – specifically 1989 – hidden behind innuendo and in-plain-sight clues?



So, did Taylor Swift just tease the re-recorded release of 1989? Swifties believe so. Meanwhile, Taylor’s at the beginning of a journey that will see her re-record her catalogue, starting with the recently released Fearless (Taylor’s Version).



As for the cues, Taylor referenced 1989 and Shake It Off during her chat with Stephen and though there’s no arguing that 1989 is in the pipeline, fans are convinced this is a big TayTay easter egg…



So, what do you think? Are fans overthinking it – or are their conspiracies spot on?

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