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Family Guy is 22 Years Old Today!


Let’s face it, Family Guy has proven to be quite the hit with the world’s sick-minded TV fans (guilty!) and its discerning critics alike, having even won itself eight Emmys in its time. Along with the likes of South Park, it marked the graduation in animated comedy from The Simpsons, bringing us a more mature mix of grown-up gags and controversy, all bound together by bang-on casting and a tight script.

The very first episode aired on the 31st January 1999, 22 years ago, when the show was a bit different than the one we have grown to love!



For the pilot episode, ‘Death Has A Shadow’, which sees Peter lose his job after getting too drunk at a stag do and falling asleep at work, the voices of several characters are a far cry from their later iterations.

Seth MacFarlane famously voiced several of the characters himself, having told TIME in 2008: “With the Family Guy pilot, part of me doing the voices was that there wasn’t any money to hire actors.



“But there was also a very specific vocal and delivery style that I was after. It was just easier to do it myself.” Even Lois’ voice in the early episodes was different than what it eventually turned out to be.

Alex Borstein, who plays Lois, in fact says that the faster, high pitched voice she uses in the show now actually evolved over time – which explains why the character sounds completely different in the pilot.

“I was doing this character in a stage show, so I brought that over, which was very slow,” she had told IGN, adding that this character was in fact “based on my cousin in Long Island and Seth said that ‘It would be a four-hour show if you talked at that pace so could you make it quicker and raise it?’.



Thanks for the good times, MacFarlane and co.