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Family Dog ‘Yogi’ Dies In Fire Home Incident In Naxxar


On Wednesday, 28th July, the life of a little man named Luca Mangion, alongside his family’s, changed in an instant. That day, at around four in the afternoon, a ‘short circuit’ in the garage ended up causing a fire in the family’s home in Naxxar, destroying practically everything.



Luca’s beloved belongings, like his Barcelona shawls, kits, and calendars – representing his favourite football team – were destroyed; and life quickly became harder for Luca’s parents, Daren and Claire.



With the fire spreading rapidly, more than half of the house that they lived in collapsed, but they also lost the perhaps most precious thing in the home – their dog, Yogi. Yogi was welcomed into their loving home after having been abused by other owners.


This accident was not caused by anyone’s negligence or fault, though it surely left a grieve impact on Luca and his family. Everything was completely lost, even Luca’s Naxxar Lions kit, the team he trains football with, was not found.



If you wish to donate, family friends are collecting donations via an HSBC account, number 033203803051 (Daren Mangion), IBAN is MT49MMEB44336000000033203803051 or via Revolut on 99426544.


Who knows? Maybe Luca, the worst hit in this experience, can comfortably re-enter his room and continue with his life just as we hope Daren, Claire, and his brother Matteo will.