Faith In Humanity Restored: Local Donates Government Vouchers To Women In Need

Rebekah Cilia has decided to use the Government vouchers everyone has been highly anticipating for something a little different.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been hearing many sharing plans of how they plan on spending their COVID-19 vouchers to pay for a weekend break, or splurge on some meal – Rebekah; however, has decided to donate hers to those in need, in particular, women.

The post goes:

“COVID Voucher donation‼️

The COVID vouchers is a great initiative by MaltaGov to stimulate the economy – after all, who does not enjoy an extra €100 to spend. Whilst I, like many others, do need a nice dinner or a new outfit following these horrible COVID months, I think some others may need it more. I will be giving my vouchers to a women’s shelter, with the simple condition that they are used by the women to enjoy a day out, or some pampering. I have already been in touch with some of these shelters and we will be discussing a system to ensure the vouchers are well spent. Should anyone feel that, yes, they do need some extra money after the COVID months, but feel these women may need it more and would like to donate their vouchers, please do get in touch with me via PM or on 77802806. I am in discussions with the shelters as to how anyone willing to donate can ensure the vouchers have reached the shelter.

I would appreciate it if you could share this post and encourage people to donate their vouchers – even to people they know may need them. We have all been through hardships and need a little pick-me-up sometimes, and this ‘extra’ money could perhaps put a much-needed smile on these women’s faces. ❤️”

Thinking of following in Rebekah’s footsteps? Share her post and get in touch with one of Malta’s shelter for women, if you’d like to donate your vouchers. 

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