Fabio Spiteri’s Incredible Cycle Around The Whole Of Sicily Is In 3 Weeks And He Needs Your Help!


It’s not every day that you hear that somebody wants to cycle around the whole coast of a country, but Fabio Spiteri is doing just that. Fabio will be the latest in inspiring athletes to leave us in awe after Neil Agius’ 1000km swim from Sicily to Malta last July.

In 3 weeks, at the end of October, Fabio will be taking the momentous non-stop 1000km journey along Sicily’s coastline. Fabio says, “it will be tough, painful, physically and mentally demanding but I am training hard for this event”.



Fabio is a triathlon coach and currently the double (26hrs) and triple ironman (45hrs) national record holder. At the moment, he is going through rigorous training, which includes hill training and strengthening his legs, shoulders and lower back.



And best of all, he’s doing this for a great cause. Fabio is looking to raise 30,000 for all the animal shelters in Malta. He writes that “we donate millions for people in need but hardly anything for the animals who have no voice. Please help me reach my target”.



To help out the brilliant but struggling animal shelters we have in Malta, and show your support to Fabio, you can send a donation through Revolut on 00356 99816248 or by following this link: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8sTBPbudP9



The following animal shelters will be benefitting from this amazing cause:

Animal Care Malta Cat Sanctuary
Animal Guardians Malta
Association for Abandoned Animals
CSAF [Carers for Stray and Abandoned Felines}
The Malta Rabbit Club – Since 1963
MSPCA – formerly SPCA Malta
Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary, Malta
SASG (Stray Animal Support Group)
RMJ’s Horse Rescue
The Island Sanctuary Malta
Tomasina Cat Sanctuary
Animal Protectors Malta
Rescues is my Favourite Breed
Birdlife Malta


Best of luck, Fabio!


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