Fabio Spiteri Is Cycling Around Sicily For 48 Hours Straight, And It’s All For An Amazing Cause!

It’s only been a few weeks since we saw swimmer athlete Neil Agius break a new National (and personal) record after he swam the 100km distance between Sicily and Malta in record time. Now it’s Fabio Spiteri’s turn to test his limits and embark on a journey that will challenge his physical and mental abilities in ways he’s never experienced before.

1000km in 48 hours, on a bicycle – this is what Fabio will be taking on come October. How is he preparing for it?

“Ultra distances are my type of race/challenge. I am currently the double (26hrs) and triple ironman (45hrs) national record holder. This year due to COVID, my races (double and quintuple) got cancelled, so I decided to do my own event … especially after seeing Neil Agius finishing his remarkable 104km swim from Sicily to Malta.

“So I decided to do this around Sicily; 1000km non-stop, as it has been always on my bucket list if I’m being honest.

“The preparation is quite rigid.  It consists of long hours, even at night, to be able to cycle and get fit enough to do a 48hour cycle at one go.

“Training consists of lots of hills training, rides of 200 – 300km on a normal day, back to back rides, 1 ride of 12 hrs and 1 ride of 24hrs. I will try to shift some of my training onto Sicily’s roads as they are generally safer. It will also help me familiarise myself with the surroundings I’ll be doing this challenge in.

“I’m also doing some weights to strengthen my legs, shoulder and lower back. I’ve already done a journey around Sicily before, and it took me 5 days. I also had journeys around Sicily which took me 4 days and also 3 days …Now I just have to bypass the night and keep on cycling.  I will have a support team with me to help me with my nutrition; I’ll also have a  masseur and navigator.”

Fabio is currently heading to Sicily as part of his training routine. He still has three months to go before the big day.

He writes in a Facebook post:

“On the last week of October, I am gonna try to cycle around Sicily – 1000km non-stop in around 48 – 55 hrs ( 2 days ). Apart from being a personal challenge which will help me grow as an athlete, I would also like to collect 20k to distribute to animal shelters in Malta. All shelters depend highly on donations. The following shelters ( NGOs ) will be benefitting from the money raised during this challenge:

Animal Care Malta Cat Sanctuary
Animal Guardians Malta
Association for Abandoned Animals
CSAF [Carers for Stray and Abandoned Felines}
The Malta Rabbit Club – Since 1963
MSPCA – formerly SPCA Malta
Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary, Malta
SASG (Stray Animal Support Group)
RMJ’s Horse Rescue
The Island Sanctuary Malta
Tomasina Cat Sanctuary


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