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F1RST PLAY: LEX’s Latest Release Promises Us a Chance to ‘Let Loose a Bit’ even at Home or in Our Car!


Our very own LEX, who you can follow weekly as part of our Bay Weekender chatted to Daniel and Ylenia this morning on Bay Breakfast, as his brand new release, “Don’t Want This to Break” got it’s F1RST PLAY on Bay!

The track has been ready for some time with the hopes of it being his first song played when crowds start coming back together. That part has to wait a bit, but LEX decided to release this track when it was intended to be, because we have to do our best with the situation we have and move forward.



“Even though this track has somewhat of a romantic lyric base, I did not want it to hold back on being a full energy song. I think we have been dormant for so long that it’s time we let loose a bit, be it at home, in the car, or during that lucky time where we get to spend some time together in person. That is why the track continues to build tension as it unfolds – I wanted to push that feeling through what you hear sonically,” LEX says about the track.



“I really hope I get to play this for the people soon enough, but for now, I at least hope that it brings them some joy in this time full of uncertainty. If I manage to make someone feel happy with this one, it will all be worth it for me,” he added.



LEX is basically the official party to kick off your weekend on the radio. He’ll get you moving in no time. Catch him every Friday from 22:30 on 89.7 Bay!