F1RST PLAY: Emma Cutajar Releases Her First Original Song: I Miss You

Let us take you back a couple of months, when a shy girl took to the stage at Malta’s Got Talent to sing an original song about her late sister, which got us, the judges and the nation in tears, and it also gave Malta one of it’s most memorable Golden Buzzer moments.



That ‘Golden Buzzer’ song ‘I Miss You’ has hit the airwaves and it had its F1RST PLAY on Bay this morning with Daniel & Ylenia.


Apart from being on Spotify and all other streaming and online platforms, ‘I Miss You’ will also have a music video which will premiere tonight at 6pm on YouTube. Daniel and Ylenia have also seen a glimpse of this video and it looks like something from a fairytale! Don’t miss it tonight!



The music video ALSO has the signature of renowned producer Steven Levi Vella whilst the song has been produced by the very talented Peter Borg at ‘Railway Studios’.



Who is Emma?

Emma is 14 years old, she is a singer/songwriter who recently started finding her feet in the industry thanks to her performances in ‘Malta’s Got Talent’. Emma decided to start with producing this song before any other because of how special it is to her and her family. The audition where this song was first heard, reached hundreds of thousands of viewers on TV, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok combined. It has also been chosen as one of the ‘Top 10 Most Emotional Auditions in 2020’ worldwide by 2 separate YouTube channels with millions of subscribers.



Commenting on this release Emma said that this song is very close to her heart as it is written about her sister whom she never got the chance to meet because she passed away before Emma was born. “I have a lot of questions about how my life would’ve been if she was still here with me, and this song is all about that. Writing music helps me cope and express myself in a way I can’t do with words so this song contains the purest emotion from when I was at my lowest.”



Emma continues to explain that this song became even more special to her and her family when she was awarded the ‘Golden Buzzer’ by judge Maxine Aquilina after her audition for the first edition of Malta’s Got Talent. Hence the decision to start with the song ‘I Miss You’ as her first official song and music video release.



Although the song might already be known by most parts of the Maltese population, it has been slightly changed, recorded and produced at ‘Railway Studios’ with Peter Borg. It has been recorded with live instruments; Piano by Emma herself, Guitars by Peter Borg, Bass by Ivan Borg, Live Drums by Raphael Tonna and Cello by Florence Aquilina. It was then mixed by Peter Borg and Mastered by Matt Hyde.



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