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Extortion, Reports, Discussions with Social Media Giants…All About KSU’s Instagram Hack Attack


If you head to KSU’s Social Media Account on Instagram over the past days, you might have noticed something a bit different. In brief, all their content has vanished and while the verified handle remains @ksumalta, the name of the Profile has changed to Enes, Seyma, and blank, with “be your own inspiration” as the description.

We have spoken with KSU about the matter and they have in fact confirmed that they have been hacked, though they cannot understand the reason as to why their account was specifically chosen, and they are currently trying to find a way to get all the content back.



“We got hacked and we are trying our best to retrieve the account,” KSU’s Social Policy Coordinator Neil Zahra told us, before actually opening up about the harsh reality of such an attack.

“[The hackers] have archived all our posts and are now asking for money” he told us, as he explained that their current discussions with Facebook and Instagram are not proving to be successful.



One message which Neil has for all those avid social media users out there, is pretty simple: “carry out periodical internal security reviews of all social media pages, safeguard content, and safeguard user reach.”

Meanwhile, KSU remains active on Facebook and on their normal channels.