Malta’s heatwaves will be ‘longer and hotter in future’

Malta has suffered four sizzling heatwaves this summer with temperatures reaching a sweltering 44°C at one stage.

But a new study suggests that things could get much hotter in Malta in the future.

University of Malta scientists have warned that the Maltese Islands will experience more frequent and more intense heatwaves in the coming years.

They predicted that summers would be particularly humid, and could leave more people vulnerable to health risks, including severe sun stroke.

James Ciarlo, a climate change researcher at the University of Malta, said the island’s climate has already started changing.

He told Malta Today: ‘Our seasonal cycle has been disrupted and this is affecting plants and bee populations. These problems are happening now.

‘We should probably also get used to more extreme storms’.

Scientists have previously warned that the planet could heat up by 4°C by 2100.

Malta Today reported that official Met Office data shows that average temperatures in Malta have risen by 1°C over the past 70 years.

Since the 1970s, the average sea temperature around the Maltese Islands has increased by 2°C.

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