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Expats Share What They Love The Most About Malta

One question on popular Facebook group Expats Malta led to hundreds of comments from people currently living in Malta, sharing what they love the most about this little island in the middle of the Mediterranean.

“I really want to rekindle my love for Malta, which is slowly fading after nearly 2 years of living here.
So here is my question:

Apart from the weather, give me the main positives whereby Malta 🇲🇹 is better than my country of origin, the UK?” – The post goes.

The replies? 

“Free healthcare and education.”

” Living in Malta means that you’re surrounded by some beautiful places to visit, most people are friendly, divine food, the sea is right on our doorstep ( well near enough lol)…fantastic weather…just look around what Malta has to offer you”

“The live and let live mentality. You don’t get policed all the time, stupid high fines for everything, police hiding with speed cameras or get taking a photo of you driving while your phone is next to you, not in your bag… The sea, even when the weather is bad, it always fascinates me… That even if it’s a small country, it is a whole country so you can do many different things, not like on a holiday island… Things are slowly getting better, the people are generally chilled and nice. 😊”

“I moved here three days ago and the people have been so welcoming. People just stop us for a chat. They love our dog, she’s usually the reason people stop to chat. We’ve eaten out once (dog welcome on the Terrace) the food was great, healthy and quite a few vegetarian options in that restaurant and others. The weather is great and we can’t wait to explore our new country. We’re practicing social distancing as much as possible as we moved from abroad. It’s been strange to see people going about normal life. Through the eyes of a “newbie”, Malta is just amazing.”

“T-shirt weather 6 months of the year. A sea temperature that is swimmable 5 months of the year. Comfortable night outdoor temperature for 6 months of the year. The food tastes a lot better.”

“The atmosphere is great, you have a lot of options for your spare time, close to the sea, food is great if you know where to go 🤗”

“People are friendly, things are easier to arrange here, there’s more trust I feel between the people here not to mention it’s safer and I feel like I spend less on things I would have done in the Uk, like council tax and getting into London for example. Just gotta find what works for you here and find your own rhythm!”

“Shorter travel times even if the traffic situation isn’t good. The sea is always a stone throw away. You can always live like you’re on holiday here. Safe and family-friendly.”

“My husband is Danish and he loves the work to live and not the live to work attitude. He also cannot live without sunshine and the heat (unlike myself.😁)”

“Sea views, especially in the South. The peace and quiet and greenness of Gozo. Milk tea in little glasses, from places like Serkin (Rabat), where they ask you how much sugar you want and what kind of milk, and then charge you something stupid for it like 50c or less. Huge oleanders in random streets.The ability to get any sort of food delivered to your door in an hour. The helpfulness of people if you stop them in the street and approach them with a bit of politeness.”

What do you love the most about Malta?