Expats Reveal What They Love the Most About Life in Malta

With all that’s going on in Malta right now, it’s difficult to take a step back and appreciate all the good things about such a tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Well, thanks to a post posted on Expats Malta, expats from all over the world have been sharing what they love the most about life in Malta.

The post’s question was a simple one:

It’s that time again.. 😂 Can we spread some positivism about being an expat in Malta? There’s problems, but there’s also plenty to love. What’s the one thing that you like about living in Malta compared to your home country?

For me, there’s a few, but I think work-life balance tops the list. I had 7am-7pm out of the house in the UK, suffered seasonally with the darkness etc and had quite a stressful life. Here, my days are shorter, brighter and just better.

We’re so used to how things are around here, that we often take certain things for granted.

Soon enough, comments started flooding in.

Many commented on Malta’s attitude towards life

I love the Maltese attitude of “we’ll solve it!” whatever issue happens, there is always that response – u ejja don’t worry, issa nirrangaw” – We’ll solve it… I think it helped this nation along history a lot… and it helps in everyday life all the time. Although you bump into many stupid issues here, there is always some solution…and people are like this…relaxed and ready to meet problems… and to slove them. And of course, weather is uncomparable!

Some also commented on the tight knit and hospitable society.

The people. I am baffled by the kindness of the people here. I’ve lived here for almost two years now, no one has told me to go back to my country. If you quit complaining and appreciate this country a little bit more in spite of its flaws then you feel right at home.
I’d rather live here than in France because the people here are a lot nicer and more down to earth.

Then there was one that just put everything we’ve ever loved about Malta in one sentence

Work-life balance, the relaxed attitude (for good or bad), my neighbours, the school and the progress my 9-year-old son. The diversity and the LIGHT, the sun. I can’t imagine how I survived 8-20 days and darkness for 13 years in Sweden

They couldn’t not mention the weather…

Weather, work life balance, cheaper cost of living, better quality of life, friendliness of people, ease of getting around, relaxed lifestyle, very good health system.

Completely agree! No matter where you live there are positives and negatives. I love the quirkiness of this little island. Also having the sun in the sky a lot helps.

It’s so warm weather and sunny days, I love sun above my head cause I was born and raised in a seaside town until I was a teenager. 🌞🌞 but after that I was living in a climate sometimes in winter -° temperatures.

And of course…


And we’re just going to leave you with this comment cause we thought it really sweet

The old Maltese ladies (I call them old signura), i love the way they smile at me and are so positive. Near my work place, everyday one old Maltese signura passes, asking me if I need something, coffee, tea, absolutely every day. It’s nice when somebody takes care of you in that way. I love these women. 


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