EXCLUSIVE: This is YOUR Chance to Watch a Never-Seen-Before Version of The Lord of the Rings!


Tolkien Fans Listen Up! Following the success of the Harry Potter Marathon and the Batman Marathon, EDEN Cinemas are hosting one massive Lord of the Rings Marathon, with a little special something on the side too!

So here’s the thing! It all starts on the 16th September with each LOTR instalment showing for two weeks, after which the next one is shown. You might think that you do not need these three trips to the cinema, but, frankly, you are wrong.



We all know the story, we have all seen the movies, and we can promise you that even now, nearly 20 years after the last instalment premiered, EDEN Cinemas will be showing you something that has never hit Malta’s Cinemas. In fact, The Return of the King will be a special extended edition with 50 minutes of additional footage!

The other plus side of it all? You only have to pay €16 for ALL THREE MOVIES, and you can use your Government vouchers too!



Once you purchase the package, shown above, all you have to do is turn up at EDEN Cinemas, exchange the part of the voucher which corresponds to the instalment you’re watching, and exchange them for a cinema ticket, and that’s it – sit back, relax and enjoy your trip to Middle-Earth.

Tickets are now on Sale, so hurry up! Don’t forget that to ensure your maximum safety EDEN Cinemas is currently operating at 20% occupancy, so really and truly there is nothing to worry about!




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