EXCLUSIVE: Lapes shares his “Got Talent” Experience and His Final Performance


Fresh off the success of last Sunday’s Malta’s Got Talent final, Bay Chats sat down with Lapes to talk about his Malta’s Got Talent experience.

Lapes told us that he decided to give MGT a shot, whilst keeping faithful to his authenticity, to reach a wider audience – so that that same audience could have the chance to experience his raw style of rap which he is renowned for.


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In his MGT journey took audiences on three different journeys. “In my audition, I wanted to transmit a certain buzz, which some of us might feel when we are usually at a club,” Lapes said, while stressing on the importance which he gives to the lyrics, in any one of his performances.

“I feel that nowadays, in the mainstream music scene, lyrics are somewhat placed on the back-burner, focusing more on the production aspect, and giving minimal attention to the lyrics,” he said, adding that he sees this as an “attack on music in general.”



In the second performance, during the semi-finals, Lapes performed a piece dedicated to his late grandfather. “My grandfather was one of the first reasons why I decided to start expressing myself through rap, as his death inspired me and led me to quit football and focus on rap,” he told us, and said that it was truly a performance which came from the heart.



We obviously had to talk about THAT final performance, which left some feeling shocked at just how raw it was. First off he told us that the judges had not seen his dress rehearsal to keep an element of surprise, and it would not have had the reaction it had otherwise.



“I was not expecting them to get on their feet and commend me on what I said. But I am the kind of person who likes to transmit what is being perceived by the public,” he said.

Lapes also told us that that kind of rap is typical of any underground rap battle, while also saying that he was excited to see the judges’ reaction, “but I am happy with the way the performance was perceived.”



“I feel that I have won just the same, as the buzz after the performance was quite something, with people telling me that some were talking more about me than about the other acts,” Lapes told us.

On the MGT experience in general, Lapes said that he thoroughly enjoyed the experience, commended all the acts, who, he said are talented in their own right, and added that he would do it all again in a heartbeat.



On his future plans, Lapes said that he will be releasing an album in the coming weeks, an album which he has been working on for the past three years.

“Since I did not manage to win the €25,000 cash prize, I humbly ask all those out there who supported me, to continue supporting me by buying this album, which is entirely classic rap in its genre, and I want it to go viral as the final performance did, as this was produced from the heart,” he said.


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Finally Lapes thanked all his team, all the performers who joined him in his performances, his friends, his family, his fanbase, all those who voted for him, and even the production team of Malta’s Got Talent for allowing him to perform his final act in the way they did, as they were not sure about whether they were going to be allowed to perform it as planned.

Watch the full interview below:



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