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Ex-PM calls for metro link between Malta and Gozo

One of Malta’s former prime ministers has called for a light railway system to be built to link Malta and Gozo.

Dr Alfred Sant said a metro network, similar to the London Underground, Glasgow Subway or Newcastle Metro could be a better option for Malta in the long run.

The government is pressing ahead with plans for an underground road tunnel linking Xemxija and Nadur.

But in his column Metro rather than tunnel’ in The Malta Independent newspaper, Dr Sant argued that it would be better to evaluate the best ways to connect the Maltese Islands.

The former prime minister, who was in power from 1996 to 1998, wrote: ‘Wider roads and a tunnel are not the real solution, but a metro system that runs underground and under the sea from Marsaxlokk straight to Rabat in Gozo.

‘The capital outlay for such a project would indeed be phenomenal.

‘However, as of now, the country is carrying enormous costs to keep going the huge number of cars on our roads.

‘Such costs will continue to increase in the future.

‘Could it be that perhaps we had better do some more sums in order to evaluate the options that are available in the transport sector, including the issue of how to better link up with Gozo?’

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