Everything you need to know about Gozo Pops and Rocks

Gozo will host a series of live music, food and wine events next month to celebrate a four-day long weekend.

‘Gozo Pops and Rocks’ is a new addition to the cultural calendar and will be held between Thursday 6 June and Sunday 9 June.

Friday 7 June is a national holiday in the Maltese Islands to mark ‘Sette Giugno’.

Gozo minister Justyne Caruana said Leone Goes Pop, Rock Astra and the Santa Lucija Wine Festival will now become part of the Pops and Rocks programme, as well as new activities for children.

The new festival follows the success of the three-day Gozo Alive extravaganza in May.

The minister said: ‘Following Gozo Alive, we are now focusing on another weekend of cultural activities that will surely be enjoyed by all.

‘Between Thursday 6 June and Sunday 9 June, Gozo will offer an attractive mix of entertaining events.

‘These will range from popular music concerts from Victoria’s bands, an entertaining children’s concert, a honey festival in the public gardens of Villa Rundle, a wine festival in the idyllic hamlet of Santa Lucia and the second edition of the ‘Festa Ghawdxija’ in Qala.

‘Such activities are important in further promoting Gozo as an all-year-round quality tourist destination.’

The events planned for Gozo Pops and Rocks are:

Thursday 6 June

Leone Goes Pop at Independence Square, Victoria

Friday 7 June

Junior Pops Song Fest in Villa Rundle Gardens

Saturday 8 June

Honey and Bee Festival in Villa Rundle Gardens

RockAstra at Independence Square

Sunday 9 June

Festa Ghawdxija in Qala Square

All the events are free. For more information, visit VisitGozo.com