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Every Maltese Group Chat has these people in it!

We all have group chats, multiple ones. Sometimes these are the chats that pop up on our screen every flippin’ second of our day and others which are dormant or dead and haven’t been used in years!

I always noticed that when I’m in group chats, people react differently to what is being said in the chat. Here are 6 different types of people in group chats!

The Creator

This is normally the person who feels the need that a group chat is created and is the one who initiates this conversation. Whatever the reason for this conversation might be, he/she will be the one who creates it, names the group chat and obviously change the set colour and emoji of the group chat.

The Dormant One

This is normally the person who honestly couldn’t be bothered with this group chat and normally does not say a single word in this conversation – they observe OBVIOUSLY but not comment. Every now and then they pass a comment or say something to show they’re still alive but nothing else!

The GIF Master

We all have that one person where instead of using words…you know…like normal people do, they use gifs to explain themselves or say whatever it is that they want to say.

The Event Planner

I have to admit, I am usually this person in group chats! This is the person who takes care of organizing events or activities for the group. Whether it is a night out, dinner or a picnic – leave it up to this person to take care of reservations, planning and events within this group chat!

The Head in the Clouds

We all have the one person in who has no idea what the heck is going on. I have a few people in mind as I am writing this hahaha!

These possibly mute the conversation and every now and then check this chat and obviously give up after the first five seconds because they couldn’t care less about what are the 147 messages about; so instead they just ask ‘can you guys give me a summary of what was said?’

The Tagger

And finally, the beloved tagger! This is the person who barely knows they are in a group chat and you need to actually tag the person in the group chat for them to notice and read the message. Otherwise, you’re rest assured they won’t be reading your message!

Which one out of these six are you and how many group chats are you in?!