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‘Even better at night’: TripAdvisor loves Mdina after dark

For such a small island, Malta sure packs a lot in.

You’ve got beaches, lovely harbour towns, and enough centuries-old sights to keep you busy for weeks.

And when it comes to history, Malta is up there with Italy and Greece.

The island boasts so many sights, it’s like a vast open-air museum.

Nowhere more so than Mdina, as these stunning shots by drone photographer Neil Camilleri show.

The so-called Silent City is a great example of an ancient walled town and is considered one of the finest in Europe.

Most people visit Mdina during the day but many are now discovering Mdina’s beauty at night.

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The Silent City really lives up to its name after dark, according to Visit Malta.

The best time to visit Mdina at night is when there’s a full moon as the added light helps to bring the entire city to life.

You don’t even need to spend any money. Just have a quiet wander around Mdina’s narrow streets and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Or see if you can spot any of the many ghosts that are believed to inhabit the buildings.

TripAdvisor users are also full of praise for Mdina at night.

One woman wrote: ‘Visited earlier this month, went again at night with friends and it was so atmospheric!

‘The view from the walls was fabulous, you can see much of the island and as it was quite dark, all the lights were on down below.

‘In the hot weather, I recommend an evening visit, much cooler and a lot fewer people, no horses and carts.’

Another posted: ‘Mdina is must see if visiting Malta, go as late as you can to avoid the crowds.

‘It’s narrow streets and honey coloured buildings seem to whisper history to you as you pass by at night.’

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Another TripAdvisor reviewer added: ‘If it wasn’t for the electric lights you might believe you had travelled back to medieval times.

‘Day or night, Mdina has a magical quality, and that’s what makes it one of my favourite places on this little island.’

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