European Commission Seals New Vaccine Contract with Moderna


European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced that a new contract was approved today, to secure another COVID-19 vaccine for Europeans.

“This contract allows us to buy up to 160 million doses of a vaccine produced by Moderna. According to the results of clinical trials, this vaccine could be highly effective against COVID-19. Once the vaccine is indeed proven to be safe and effective, every Member State will receive it at the same time, on a pro-rata basis, on the same conditions,” she said.



This is the sixth contract with a pharmaceutical company for the Commission’s COVID-19 vaccines portfolio, and the commission is also working on another one, to set up, what von der Leyen said is the most comprehensive COVID-19 vaccine portfolios in the world.

“All vaccines from our portfolio will be evaluated very carefully by our European Medicines Agency (EMA). They will only be authorised and placed on the market if they are safe and effective. Transparency is very important.



People need to know the benefits and risks of vaccines, as they need to do for any medicine,” Ursula von der Leyen said, adding that while securing vaccines rapidly for Europeans is the priority, the Commission wants to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to vaccines.

“This is why we have raised almost €16 billion since May for tests, treatments, and vaccines against coronavirus worldwide. As Team Europe we have contributed close to 800 million euros to the COVAX Facility. The aim is to secure vaccines for low and middle-income countries.

“We are all in this together,” she concluded.


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