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Europe Records Warmest Winter Temperatures

Many European countries have seen their warmest January temperatures…ever!



In eight countries, national records have dropped, and regional records in three more.


Krakow Weather In January | Thomas Cook


On Sunday, Warsaw, Poland, recorded 18.9°C, while Bilbao, Spain, reached 25.1°C, which is more than 10°C above usual.



The pleasant European weather comes days after a catastrophic winter cold spell that claimed more than 60 lives in North America.


Thousands of records shattered in historic winter warm spell in Europe -  The Washington Post


While severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are predicted for Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana, portions of the northern Midwest are anticipated to see heavy snow and freezing rain. On the European side of the Atlantic, however, several locations have had warm weather at the start of the year.



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