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EU Set To Launch Action Against Hungary Over LGBTQ Rights


The European Commission will be launching legal action against EU member Hungary on Thursday, as a response to a law seen as discriminating against LGBTQ citizens.


Hungary | ICPDR - International Commission for the Protection of the Danube  River


A senior EU source shared that Brussels would send Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government a warning letter on Wednesday and begin the ‘infraction procedure’ thereafter on Thursday.



Just last week, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen warned that the EU would use ‘all powers available’ to force Hungary to revoke or at least alter the law.


EU Commission President Calls on Member Nations for Unity | Voice of  America - English


The so-called ‘anti-paedophilia’ law came into force on Thursday, despite Brussels’ warning. The legislation was billed as a way to protect children but opponents argue that it conflates paedophilia with homosexuality and denounces the LGBTQ community.



Brussels’ letter is the first step in a procedure that could lead to a case before the European Court of Justice. This would eventually lead to financial penalties on Hungary.


Meanwhile, the commission has also yet to approve Hungary’s application for 7.2 billion euros in COVID-19 recovery funding, even as other member states anticipate receiving their first payments.