EU Council Commissioner For Human Rights Appeals For Abortion Decriminalisation In Malta


EU Council’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatovic recommends the decriminalisation of abortion in Malta.



This was among other recommendations stated in a report written after her visit to Malta last October. In the report, Mijatovic appeals that the country should not criminalise abortion. According to her, prohibiting abortion could come as a great risk for females for multiple reasons. Therefore, giving access to legal, safe and secure abortion could prevent unnecessary danger for females.


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Despite this recommendation, the country still disagrees with the right to abortion. However as a reaction to the Commissioner’s comment, the Maltese Government plans to improve the country’s health services.



In the report, Mijatovic also made recommendations for measures protecting journalists, for better coordination during immigration rescues, for gender equality in employment and for better initiatives that help females enter public life.


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Should abortion become legal in Malta?