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EU chief shares Brexit letter from six-year-old girl

A little girl from London has written a touching letter to EU chief Donald Tusk, saying that Britain and Europe ‘should be friends’ despite Brexit.

Sophie, 6, told the European Council President that although the UK will be leaving the EU, she hopes that everyone can get along.

Mr Tusk shared an image of the adorable letter on his Instagram page.

It reads: ‘Dear Mr Tusk, I live in Britain.

‘I know we are leaving the EU. But I think we should be friends. From Sophie, aged 6.’

‘I have drawn you a unicorn.’

The EU chief responded in his social media post by writing: ‘We will always be friends, Sophie.’

But the letter also included a drawing of a unicorn, a term which has been used to mock the unrealistic plans pursued by some MPs at Westminster during the Brexit negotiations.

The European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt said the letter put ‘everything in perspective’.

‘Sometimes it takes a child to put everything in perspective,’ Mr Verhofstadt said in a tweet.

He added: ‘What a terrible waste Brexit is.’