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Essential Oils, Spice And Everything Nice… Here Are 4 Local (And Organic) Cosmetic Brands You NEED To Try…

We might not have Lush or their fresh handmade cosmetics, but Malta definitely gives a run for its money… and what better time to support local than now? So pamper yourself (or your loved ones) by checking out some of these incredible, local, cruelty-free, AND handcrafted beauty products and home fragrances…



Something’s brewing… and that’s @pine.witch casting an aroma-fuelled spell using her herbal magic to create luscious bath bombs, waffle candles, soaps, and even candles in tiny cauldrons (I mean, how CUTE is that?!) She also handcrafts ceramics and sells vintage bits and pieces. So if you’re into astrology, or just looking to catch some enchanting witch vibes, then these local products are bound to make your self-care rituals absolutely magical!


Unwind and indulge with @amorance’s therapeutic beauty products and fragrances. From healing body butters, to scrubs, soaps, and scented candles in literally any fragrance that you can imagine (seriously, you can make your space smell like champagne and roses, fresh linen, or even candyfloss… yes please!)  Not only are all products 100% vegan, but their candles are made from soy wax, so can also be doubled as an organic moisturiser (and in between vigorously washing our hands and applying layers and LAYERS of hand sanitiser right now, that can come in handy) …


If you want to bring serenity and aroma into every inch of your space, with sustainability, (and I do mean every inch), then check out @wicksandlocks…From simmering granules, to fragrance bags, soy candles, oil burners, and other pamper-fuelled products, these two sisters have got all your house fragrances sorted! Their products are also entirely organic and are wrapped in environmentally conscious packaging, and with a personal touch of wit (just take a look at all their fun product names!)


Last, but surely not least, is @white_cauldron_creations, who creates the most aesthetically pleasing soy candles and beeswax melts that you will ever see. Although currently living in the UK, this lovely lady’s roots actually remain right here in Malta – in fact, all products can be delivered. Their aromatherapy-based products are guaranteed to not only enhance but light up your life! Oh, and not to mention completely eco-friendly without any harmful toxins or artificial fragrances…They chose the natural way, and hope people will too!