Enola Holmes is as Bright and Sharp as Her Famous Brother! Here Is Why You Should Watch!


Anyone with a Netflix account has probably heard of ‘Enola Holmes,’ the new movie starring teen actress Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill as Enola and Sherlock Holmes respectively.

The movie is based on the book series of the same title written by Nancy Springer. Much like the Sherlock Holmes we know and love, his sister Enola is also sharp and bright with a passion for mystery.



Enola Holmes is set in 19th Century London, a setting in which women had no rights and emancipation had barely started. The roles of Enola and her mother are crucial in breaking this stigma and setting in motion the chain of events that eventually lead to our present day.



Being a bit of a tomboy and engaging in activities such as jiujitsu, reading, science, and playing chess, Enola was quite an outcast. Her mother encouraged this behaviour and always reassured her that she’d do very well on her own, thus raising a strong and independent girl.


How are Enola Holmes and Sherlock Holmes related? Netflix family tree - Radio Times


The movie received much praise and positive reviews for the casting and acting. The plot is equally intriguing and the message behind it is probably the most remarkable element of all.



As the plot is set in motion, we see Enola embracing her individuality and breaking societal norms. She creates her own freedom and strives for equality.

Needless to say it’s entertaining and sends an overall positive vibe to viewers all around. So prepare yourselves for a cosy night in with the family (yes it’s 13+). And embark on Enola’s journey of mystery, thrills, surprises, fun, and emancipation!

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