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England win Cricket World Cup in dramatic fashion

Led by batting hero Ben Stokes, the squad won the trophy for the first time after a breathless final over New Zealand in what’s being called the greatest game ever.

England won the title on the technicality of scoring more boundaries, sparking bedlam among thousands of fans at Lord’s in northwest London and millions watching across the country.

Calls were growing for a victory parade to celebrate the triumph.

The Queen and Prince Philip were among the first to congratulate the England cricket team.

Her Majesty and the Duke sent their ‘warmest congratulations’ to the side after ‘such a thrilling victory in today’s World Cup Final’.

They also offered their commiserations to the losing New Zealanders, for whom the last-gasp defeat was as bitter as it was sweet for England.

England all-rounder Ben Stokes told Sky Sports: ‘I’m pretty lost for words. All that hard work for four years and now to be stood here as champions of the world, it’s an amazing feeling.

‘This is where we aspired to be and to manage to come here and do it in such a good game, I don’t think there will ever be a better game of cricket in history than that.

‘Playing against New Zealand is always tough, they’re a seriously good team.’