England Football Team Issues Statement Following Euro Loss


The UEFA EURO 2020 has officially come to an end, with Italy taking home the trophy in last night’s final against England. And now, England’s national team has released a statement following their defeat…


Despite their early goal from Luke Shaw, Italy emerged victorious after an equalizer and three missed penalties. Whilst England might have missed out on a historic victory, fans have rallied behind the players in the fallout, praising them for their efforts and uniting people around the country!



As per England’s official Instagram statement: ‘We made some history but couldn’t achieve the one thing we’re all dreaming of. But football is about more than trophies, and we’ve seen that all summer. Coming home? Perhaps it was here all along,’.


The statement reads, ‘Football. It’s not just about trophies, and how we’re still waiting. It’s not about the goals we scored, or the ones we didn’t. It’s about the journeys we’ve taken, from our roots to the top. It’s the friends we’ve made, the people we represent, and standing alongside them when times become hard. It’s being together. Football is family. It’s community. It’s unity. It’s home,’.



As the match ended, England’s Twitter also shared: ‘This has been some journey. As a nation, we were united in a belief that we can achieve something special after the hardest of years. It wasn’t meant to be, but this team is just getting started. They will continue to make you proud, both on and off the pitch.’



‘More than a team. We’re family. We’ll stick together no matter what,’ it added.


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