Engineer builds 4.7-metre Lego model of Forth Bridge

An engineer has constructed a Lego model of the world-famous Forth Bridge in a bid to get it made into an official product.

Mike Dineen used around 3,000 bricks to build the structure over four months and has now submitted the design to the toy company’s website.

The 41-year-old is now hoping to get 10,000 votes so that Lego will consider using a scaled-down version of his structure.

Mike told 89.7 Bay: ‘I’ve always wondered if Lego had it as a box set.

‘When I realised it didn’t I thought: ‘Why not?’ It’s such an iconic Scottish landmark – it deserves to be on the shelves.’

He said it took about one month to construct and three months of ‘trial and error’ in the design process.

He added: ‘It’s safe to say I was anxious that it might end up looking weird.

‘I’m absolutely delighted with it.’

Votes for his product idea can be made on the Lego Ideas website.

The real Forth Bridge was designed by Sir John Fowler and Sir Benjamin Baker and was completed in 1890.

The Unesco World Heritage Site is 2,467 metres in length, roughly half the distance between Malta and Gozo.

After surviving bombing raids in two world wars, the striking red structure is still in use for railway services across the sea from Edinburgh to Fife.