Emma Muscat’s ‘Meglio Di Sera’ Achieves Two Gold Record Rewards


In less than a year Emma Muscat, the Maltese 21-year-old who turned heads on the popular Italian TV show Amici de Maria de Filippi with her velvety voice and incredible talent has achieved, not one but TWO gold record awards.




With her summer hit single, ‘Meglio Di Sera’ reaching over 7 million streams on Spotify and over 7 million views on Youtube, the artist has been awarded by FiMi the prestigious Golden Accolade (Disco D’Oro) for the sales achieved on the song. This means that it has sold over 35,000 units according to the Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana.




She announced that she is extremely grateful for this unbelievable achievement and confessed that growing up, many made her believe that music cannot be made a career. Muscat, with her undying passion for music, declared that this should be an example to all that with determination and perseverance one can achieve any goal imaginable.


We can’t wait to see more of your success Emma!


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